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2018 Singled Handed Consulting Year in Review

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

At Single Handed Consulting, getting injured employees back to work is not just our job, it’s our passion. We bring decades of experience to the process and have developed an approach that unites employers, employees, medical professionals and vocational rehabilitation counselors in striving toward the best possible outcome for everyone involved. Along the way, employers save money, reduce L&I costs and often are able to keep valued employees who would otherwise have been lost.

Workers Compensation, Return-to-Work, and More

As 2018 winds down, we wanted to share some of the stories that reflect this approach and highlight positive results for our clients.


How SHC Expedites Workers’ Compensation Claims for BIAW

The Building Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) is a case in point. In our article on workers’ compensation claims for BIAW, ROII Manager Frank Romero explains how Single Handed helped the BIAW save money and control costs by expediting the claims process. Keys to success: starting early and communicating clearly with all parties.  “Single Handed provides us with a roadmap for how to get a worker back on the job,” says Romero. READ MORE


5 Easy Steps A Worker’s Compensation Manager Can Take to Create A Return to Work Program

Getting employees back to work as soon as possible is critical, but many employers lack return-to-work programs and are caught unprepared when employees get injured. We’ve found 5 easy steps a worker’s compensation manager can take in creating a return to work program, which can serve as a guide to help you get started, with tips about what to include and what to avoid when developing the program for your business. READ MORE


Pre-school Saves on L&I Costs by Bringing Injured Cook Back to Work

Companies who do make efforts to get injured workers back on the job reap rewards both financially and in terms of employee morale. Our story on how a pre-school saved on L&I costs by bringing an injured cook back to work featured one organization that took extra steps to ensure their employee could return and saved substantial L&I costs in the process. READ MORE


A Claims Question That Saved an Employer Money and One Tacoma Driver's Job

In a similar vein, Single Handed helped a company see the value in purchasing equipment that would allow an injured worker to stay on the job. One employer saved money and their driver’s job with a simple claims question: see how this modification meant the difference between letting go of a highly experienced employee and retaining his expertise and organizational knowledge. READ MORE


Bellevue Medical Tech Company Goes to Bat for Injured Employee

But sometimes, modifying existing jobs is not enough. One Bellevue business came up with a completely different role for their injured worker, one that allowed her to stay with the company despite being unable to perform her previous duties. READ MORE


Taking a Team Approach to Return-to-Work Plans

While it’s common for employees and employers to approach the claims process from an adversarial stance, such attitudes are both unproductive and unnecessary. Our article on taking a team approach to return-to-work plans explains the benefits of having employees, employers, claims processors and medical professionals working together toward an outcome that benefits everyone. READ MORE


How Effective Vocational Rehab Counselors Ease the Workers Compensation Process

Employee fears and concerns can delay the claims process, which is why having a counselor who can put them at ease is critical. In our article on how vocational rehab counselors ease the worker's compensation process, we describe the difference skilled professionals can make in getting injured workers to accurately identify their skills and aptitudes as part of retraining. READ MORE


Turning Employees Into Partners in the Vocational Testing Process

Once employees understand their role and how they can accelerate the process by investing in their own recovery, they become active partners in the claims process. This is particularly true when it comes to vocational testing, an area that typically inspires resistance. Turning employees into partners in the vocational testing process can make injured workers become their own best advocates. READ MORE


Looking Forward to 2019

We’re happy to have been part of so many positive outcomes in the past year for businesses large and small and the people who work for them. No doubt 2019 will bring more opportunities and more stories. In the meantime, Happy Holidays from all of us at Single Handed Consulting!

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