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Single Handed Consulting Launches New Vocational Rehabilitation Blog

Updated: Jul 24, 2019

Single Handed Consulting is excited to announce the launch of a new blog! The blog will be a growing resource on the topics of vocational rehabilitation, disability claims management, step-by-step management of workers compensation, and many other topics related to disability claims.

SHC’s experience in providing early vocational assistance to injured workers gives them a wealth of knowledge to draw from, a knowledge they use to bring clarity to the world of workers compensation. SHC’s consultants are former L&I caseworkers, employers, and even employees who’ve had first hand experience with the uncertainty of personal injury or disability. It’s this experience, paired with their compassionate approach to every case, that gives SHC the frame of mind that nothing is impossible when it comes to workers compensation.

Check back soon to discover more about step-by-step management of disability claims and workers compensation, and learn how proven return-to-work strategies help injured employees regain the life they deserve.

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