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Employer Consulting 

You’ve heard the expression ‘Time is money.’ In the case of worker’s compensation claims, that’s the literal truth. The more time goes by, not only is the employee less likely to return to work but the employer is on the hook for costly time-loss payments.
Employers who want to expedite matters may not know how to get the ball rolling on their own. Single Handed helps companies respond quickly and proactively when an incident occurs, develop customize plans and save time and money throughout the claims process. We are the partner you didn’t know you needed.

Formulating Plans that Save Employers Time and Money

Worker’s compensation plans are often the most expensive part of business costs and it’s important for employers to understand how to control those costs to the extent they can. Through working with Single Handed Consulting, companies can save 75% of service fees because we charge $1 for every $4 L&I does for the same service.
Cost-effectiveness begins with the Return to Work (RTW) plan and the key is time: The longer an employee is off work, the more the business pays in wage compensation. By getting employees back to work sooner through duty modifications or specialized programs, employers can save significantly. We also help employers understand how to lower their L&I premiums by reducing their risk factor classifications.  

Developing Customized Worker’s Compensation Plans
That Fit Your Business

Every business is different, and the services we provide are tailored to meet varying levels of need. In general, these fall into three categories with different levels of involvement:

  1. We create a plan and run it for you. For businesses with tiered employee ratings, we can manage the entire insurance claim process for you, including the risk assessment, developing a return-to-work plan, creating a light duty position for the injured worker, and filing paperwork with L&I.

  2. We create a plan and your staff runs it. In such cases, we help companies develop plans which they then implement.

  3. We assist your Human Resources department as needed. Some organizations may prefer to keep us on retainer or hire us on a case-by-case basis. We function as a resource that can answer questions and provide guidance.

Starting Vocational Services Early

The quicker you can refer an injured worker to services, the faster your business can get the claim resolved. However, by the time L&I has assigned a vocational counselor to perform a risk assessment and determine whether the person can return to their job of injury, it may be late in the game. The employee may already be reliant on costly time-loss payments and have lost motivation and inspiration to return to work.
But you don’t have to wait for L&I. Single Handed Consulting can initiate the process to perform the risk assessment and communicate with doctors, the employee, and L&I. Rather than waiting for employee progress reports from the department, your business can get them directly from us in a timely manner, then forward them onto L&I, expediting the process.

Giving Employees a Clear Understanding of Their Options

Misconceptions abound around worker’s compensation claims and how they work. Employees may have entirely unrealistic ideas about their potentials for retraining that dampen motivation and hinder the recovery process. Single Handed’s vocational counselors will sit down with injured workers and explain exactly what they can - and can’t - expect throughout the process.
In many cases, better understanding their options motivates employees to become actively involved in their own recovery. Getting back to work as soon as possible is often the best choice available. Having employees who are engaged in the process is a key factor in expediting claims and thereby saving employers time and money.

Reducing Staff Time Spent on Claims

Claims are time-consuming and involve masses of paperwork. Handling them internally will result in hours of lost time for supervisors, administrators, and anyone else who needs to stop their normal job function to stay on top of the process. Unless they specialize in claims management, senior staff will be operating outside of their realm of expertise whereas Single Handed consultants can help to streamline the process and provide everyone with a clear sense of what is needed.  

Learn more about how we at Single Handed Consulting can help you by contacting us today.

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