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Disability Management

We believe in taking a proactive, collaborative approach to case management. At Single Handed Consulting, each and every disability claim receives individualized attention. Our vocational experts assist with early intervention, assessment, plan development and implementation, job analyses and labor market research.

Employer Consulting

At Single Handed Consulting, we specialize in educating and supporting employers and third party administrators throughout the entire claims process. We believe in communicating early, and communicating often. This proactive, quick response reduces claim costs and the likelihood an injured employee will develop what we call “disability conviction.”

Legal and Forensic Evaluation

SHC provides a wide variety of forensic/vocational services to the legal community working with injured individuals in workers’ compensation systems, as well as in civil litigation. Our counselors have the education and training to assess the impact of a disability on a person’s vocational opportunities and wage-earning capacity.

Vocational Testing

SHC vocational professionals travel throughout the Pacific Northwest and specialize in identifying the most appropriate testing platforms based on the individual needs of the client. They administer the tests and analyze the results, to help SHC make recommendations that get employees back into the workforce as quickly as possible.

Call us today to discuss how a customized plan from SHC can benefit your organization.

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